What is Tantrik Yoga

What is Tantrik Yoga

Are you looking to cultivate a more wholistic yoga practice that includes traditional spiritual teachings that you can meaningfully apply to your daily life? Would you like to understand the true purpose of yoga according to classical non-dual Tantrik Yoga? Would you like to cultivate a consistent meditation practice?

What is Tantrik Yoga and how do I apply the ‘view teachings’ and the practices from this spiritual tradition in my yoga practice so that my yoga becomes a powerful force for inner and outer alchemy?

Join Eleni Kidis (Yoga Australia member and Community Representative) on International Yoga Day for a brief exploration into these heart opening and life affirming teachings of Tantra.

All you need is to come along with an open and curious heart- mind!

This is a live, face to face event.

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What is Tantrik Yoga

June 21, 2023 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM Prana House 885 High Street, Thornbury, Victoria, 3071, Australia,


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