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As an extension of International Yoga Day (21 June), we’re excited to share with you a new initiative from the team at Yoga Australia, introducing – Yoga Week.

Activities held throughout Yoga Week provide a unique opportunity for everyone in the community to come together to learn, connect, and experience yoga first-hand with events, resources, talks, and meet-ups presented by yoga professionals from all traditions, lineages, and styles.

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Employee or Contractor?
Important Considerations

It is very important to correctly classify workers. You may define a worker as a contractor, but that doesn’t make it so. If it is determined that one of your contractors are operating like an employee, you could be liable under the Fair Work Act.

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Ageing Gracefully
with Bikram Yoga

Susan’s yoga journey began relatively late in life, she was 56 years old. In 2002 she took her first class in Elsternwick, at the first Bikram Yoga studio in Melbourne. “The combination of heat and humidity was a challenge but I quickly realised the importance of the conditions.”

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The Mountains Can Teach Us

A few months ago, a collapse occurred during construction of tunnels piercing through the Himalayas. The rescue involved the sensitive guidance of an Australian engineer, lawyer, and Emu farmer. Glimmers of post-colonial hope exist in lovely stories like this. An Australian summoned by Indian engineers to help rescue 41 people stuck under a mountain.

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Understanding Detachment

Early this morning I went for an ocean swim followed by a cold shower and the blissful sensation of getting warm in the sun afterwards, wrapped up in my warm clothes. I cheerfully admit that I have developed an attachment to this experience, and it sits alongside many other things I like and others I don’t like. How far is it realistic to take detachment?

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